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Hello, I’m Randy Sutton,

the Founder of The Wounded Blue. 


Welcome to my page and video blog.  On this page you will come to know me and The Wounded Blue.  I will share with you how the organization was formed and why.  I will talk about the challenges facing the American Law Enforcement Officer and how these challenges affect our officers and their families.  I will offer insight as to how these difficulties can be dealt with and overcome. 


American Law Enforcement is in crisis.  The “War on Cops” has taken a dreadful toll in terms of violence against our officers but perhaps just as critical is the toll in terms of the vast number of law enforcement personnel retiring or simply leaving the field which has caused a crisis of what I call “under policing”.

Too few officers to adequately staff their agencies and respond to violent crime.  This not only affects the safety of the public but the physical, emotional and psychological safety of those who serve. The unfortunate reality is that many officers feel overwhelmed but what they see, what they do and how the realities of policing affect them.  They often feel as if they are alone in their feelings.  This is especially true when they suffer physical and/or emotional injuries. 

The Wounded Blue was created to provide support for those facing these difficulties and assist them in discovering that what they feels is normal even in what feels like an abnormal world.  The guiding principal of The Wounded Blue is to lead those who are living with the trauma’s associated with law enforcement to know this…they are NEVER FORGOTTEN and NEVER ALONE. 


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Join me as I have a conversation with  Jason Schecterle

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I am discussing the ongoing War on Police on Fox News 

May 2022