The Wounded Blue, which is leading the fight to help injured and disabled law enforcement officers, created the Order of The Blue Heart Award to recognize the sacrifice of law enforcement officers who have been injured in the line of duy and who have not been recognized by their own agency.

The Blue Heart Award is not given but earned at very high cost.
Here are the criteria for receiving a Blue Heart Award for being wounded in the line of duty (or for having it presented to a surviving spouse or family member in the event of death). The recipient must be:

For purposes of receiving a Blue Heart Award, a wound is defined as a severe or disabling injury to any part of the body from an outside force or agent. The wound must require treatment by a medical professional. Examples of such injuries include, but are not limited to:

In the case of injury due to the actions of another officer, the wound shall be considered to have been inflicted by an outside force and will qualify for a Blue Heart Award.

Application to receive a Blue Heart Award must include a full description of the injury and the circumstances that led to it, along with documentary evidence of the medical treatment required as a result of the injury. All Blue Heart Award applications are reviewed by the board of The Wounded Blue prior to being approved.

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